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- The root of the existing crisis of undocumented immigration is a  fundamental disconnect between today's financial and labor market realities and an obsolete system of legal  immigration.  
-Undocumented immigration is driven in large part by a U.S. labor market that is developing a larger interest in less-skilled workers than is being achieved by the native-born labor force  o-r by the current legal restrictions on immigration.  
-Immigration policies that disregard these larger economic forces basically generate migration underground as opposed to effectively  manage it, while the past decade and a half of failed federal border- enforcement efforts explain.  
-In a nutshell, there is an contradiction between U.S. Immigration and financial policy, with economics winning. The thing is a broken immigration  program that sends the double messages "Keep "Help and Out" Wanted" to foreign workers.  
-The U.S. economy continues  to create many less-skilled jobs even while native-born workers  get older and better informed and are progressively unavailable to fill such jobs.  
-Yet the government continues to enforce outdated exact hats and  other limits on immigration  that bear little relationship to the economic facts of our time.  
-Consequently, enforcement resources are devoted  in large part to trying to come the labor migration the U.S. economy draws and which can be an outcome of globalization. Despite the important position immigrants perform in filling  less-skilled jobs, America provides few options under the current immigration system for them to come back to the U.S. Officially.  
-There's the same bottleneck  for low-skilled workers who seek temporary, employment-based visas. Of the 1-6 different kinds of temporary immigrant visas available for  work and training in the United States, only two -; H2A and H2B -; are available to workers with little o-r  no formal training. Furthermore, the total number of H2B visas which can be  given in a year is given at 66,000.  
-Just a truly comprehensive approach will work,  one that carries a process by which undocumented immigrants already living and in the Usa could use for legal status, as well as the development of the temporary worker  system with stringent protections for both temporary workers themselves and native-born workers.  
-Lawmakers must tackle the  issue of undocumented immigration with more reality and less rhetoric. Continuing the  status quo by wanting to enforce immigration policies which are at war with the  U.S. and global economies can do nothing to deal with the fundamental problem.  Or can it be possible to wall off the Usa from the rest of the world.  
-The most useful option would be to provide U.S. immigration policy in  keeping with the facts of the U.S. Job market and an ever more transnational economy. 
- [[http://sinema.house.gov/media-center/press-releases/sinema-releases-statement-on-senate-immigration-bill|sinema immigration]]  
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